I grew up with a family of entrepreneurs, so naturally I studied business with a degree in marketing and finance. After working with several small and corporate businesses, I knew small was where my heart was.  
Small businesses have the advantage of being able to connect at a personal level with their viewers. As a result, consumers have become aware of local versus outsourced and choose to support Small vs Big, especially now more than ever.
This aspect of my photography really took off during COVID. I wanted to find a way to support and highlight my favorite small businesses so I joined the Support Local Florida Keys  team. This amazing project lead me to work with some brilliant entrepreneurs, by creating visual stories of their brands.
My brand packages include a planning session where we study each aspect of your business and we focus on your target market. From website, newsletters, blogs, and social media, we will create a genuine visual story of your craft. My goal is for your viewers to understand and fall in love with you and your brand.

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